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Adulting in Rochester

I moved to Rochester just over a year ago, in June 2015. I was a fresh college graduate, excited to start out adulthood in a community burgeoning with young professionals. I knew that friends would not just show up on my doorstep (although sometimes I wished they would!), and that I needed to become involved in different groups and events to meet people outside of work. Throughout college, I had grown in my faith through the vibrant, active Newman Center at the University of Pittsburgh and the missionaries placed there through the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). College was the first time my faith had truly become my own through bible studies, perpetual adoration, discipleship (FOCUS’s term for their mentorship program), and increased reception of the sacraments.

Through my participation in the Newman Center’s many activities, I formed several friendships that will last a lifetime, so I was a little apprehensive to leave my friends when I moved to Rochester. However, just like in college, I figured that the Catholic community in Rochester might be a good place to start meeting people. I was immediately welcomed into the arms of the Rochester Young Adult Catholic Ministry, and through God’s infinite grace, my new friends have helped me transition into the big abyss of adulthood that can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Adulting is tough, as any young adult will tell you! Yet, my faith in God has given me something to stand on when I was afraid I might fall. The Catholic young adult community in Rochester has given me the people, tools, and opportunities to continue build upon my growing faith. I have become involved in the Rochester Catholic Women’s Group, which meets twice monthly for fellowship, catechesis, and prayer. Additionally, I have joined the co-ed volleyball and softball teams with friends I have made at various events, and these have helped provide a sense of community while remaining just as active as I was in college!

Perhaps what is greater than the organized activities, though, is what has stemmed from them! My faith is something I am eager to grow and learn more about, and I have the resources and support to do so. I also now have a solid group of friends with whom I enjoy seeing outside of the organized events. This past Sunday a friend and I competed in St. John the Evangelist’s annual bean bag tournament; a few weekends ago, several of us gathered for brunch after Mass. I have found friends who share the same core Catholic beliefs as me and are constantly striving to make the world a better place! These men and women have helped instill a sense of community in an unfamiliar place, and I am truly blessed to belong to such a thriving young adult Catholic community!

About the Author:

During the days, Tricia Morel works as a nurse on the Cardiovascular Surgery Progressive Care Unit at Saint Marys and also administering flu shots to little ones during the flu season. In her spare time, you can find her teaching 3rd grade St. John the Evangelist Faith Formation students about our awesome faith, volunteering as a barista at St. James Coffee, or hanging from rocks at Roca, the area’s newest climbing wall.

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