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The Cross and Mercy - Taking WYD Home

Friday at World Youth Day is traditionally The Way of the Cross. This year's program integrated the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Examples: Jesus is condemned to death (shelter the homeless), Jesus meets his mother (comfort the afflicted), Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem ( instruct the ignorant), Jesus dies on the cross (give drink to the thirsty), and Jesus is laid in the tomb (bury the dead).

It was a beautiful reflection on how to bring the message of world youth day back to our world. "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy" (Matthew 5:7). Each station went through practical ways to live out the works of mercy. Shelter the homeless: recognize those homeless people sleeping at the train station. Pray with them. Comfort the afflicted: being present in silence with those who suffer. Instruct the ignorant: speak with love and mercy not anger. Bury the dead: burying homeless people, praying for the dead.

More to come on what we have learned. Vigil tomorrow!


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