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The Ups and Downs of the First Day of WYD

World Youth Day 2016 has officially begun! So what has today included? Well our bus this morning was late, it started pouring down rain while we were waiting for Mass, and as of this writing (11:07 pm) we are waiting for the bus to go back to the hotel after a long journey of crowded trains and lots of walking (nearly 9 miles at this writing). O wait, that sounds like all bad things doesn't it. This is a pilgrimage and that means taking the bad with the good. We like our lives to be comfortable, easy, filled with sunshine and rainbows. But that isn't life. In my life I've found that the hard times make you realize all your blessings. And all the hard times prepare you for the good times. I am blessed. All the troubles of today is nothing compared to the beauty of the opening Mass and being surrounded by a million (or so) young Catholics from all over the world. It always comes back to the Cross. The greatest suffering in the world led to the greatest blessing ever. Jesus Christ died for us and because of that we have Eternal life. O happy fault! So yes I almost had a panic attack because of the train but the promise of tomorrow and the promise of more joys and sorrows awaits us! Come Lord Jesus Come!

Jenny Helms


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