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Calling on God's Mercy, Part I

Jesus told Sr. Faustina to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy as much as possible. She would pray it for any need, no matter how small, because it demonstrated how much she trusted Jesus and relied on His merciful love. The more we trust Jesus, the more He can do in our lives – that’s just how it ''works,’and that’s what He wants! Early on in this pilgrimage I had an opportunity to exercise trust, and I saw how God was looking out for me!

On Thursday, July 21st, we had two hours from the time our plane landed in Paris to get to our connecting Berlin flight at an adjacent gate. In the fairly empty airport at 11:30am, we were brought through another security point that would inspect our carry-ons and verify passports… it just so happened that Fr. J. Fasnacht and I, who were first in line next to each other, were the only ones of our group of 27 that did not already have pre-printed boarding passes for the next flight. We were directed to return to the gate where we had de-planed to acquire them from the desk there. Fifteen minutes later we were set and making our way back – except now there were 200 people in line in front of us from other arriving flights.

After witnessing the pace it took to get us through the zig-zag path for the bag inspection, I realized the low likelihood of being at our gate in 35 minutes when the rest of our group ought to be boarding. The travelers around us were griping about making their flights to Warsaw and other places, because they were departing before we were. I knew I wanted to remain calm and not fret; this is a pilgrimage, and there are bound to be difficulties... and what's the worst that could happen? Fr. Fasnacht and I would have to bum around Paris for awhile, ha! No, seriously, we need to make our flight. And the others around us need to make their flights even more so - time for prayer!

"Jesus, I trust in You!"

I pulled out my Rosary and began to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, asking God that He have mercy on us in this line, and somehow get all of us (including the panicking nearby passengers) onto our planes. I knew it was a big petition - some people had less than twenty minutes before their planes were leaving.

"Trust even more!!"

No sooner had I started the Chaplet than another route opened to the passport verification, so the line moved more freely. "Yay, God! You got this!" It was yet another ten minutes Father & I had to wait to have our passports stamped; I figured our group would be getting on the plane right about then. Father decided he ought to strap his sandals, and I tied my laces, so we could bolt down the last turns to get to our gate. Thus we were ready when I finished my Chaplet, and we had our passports handed back to us... we zipped around groups of people and around corners, up some stairs, down another hallway. At the entrance of our corridor, we saw that our gate was one of the last ones: more hustling through the crowded platform... And then, we saw our group members still standing there! They didn't know why they hadn't started boarding; nothing was announced. I think someone said they didn't even see the plane docked yet, so Fr. and I could catch our breath. What did I witness next? At the gate next to us, travelers I recognized from the security line were scurrying to board the plane to Warsaw!

"Thank You, God!!"

Our group actually ended up waiting about twenty more minutes - and when they wondered aloud what was going on, I said, "Sorry, that was me, I prayed a Chaplet to ask God to make sure we got on board before takeoff - I didn't know He was going to delay the whole plane!" The LORD was indeed merciful! I was thankful I was with Fr. and not by myself in the predicament; I was thankful other travelers made it in time to their planes; I was thankful Father and I were safely reunited with our group. I was thankful I entrusted the situation to Jesus and prayed the Chaplet, calling on His Mercy.


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