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Located in the Northwest neighborhood at the cross section of 50th Ave NW & 55th Ave NW.

A "light on the hill top" inviting all God's people to experience the hospitality of our community in Christ

The parish attracts people of all ages, with distinct initiatives targeting youth and young adult ministry.

Principle initiatives:

Promote well orchestrated ministries in tune with our mission and vision.

Be vibrant, inviting, living.

Make youth and young adult ministries a cornerstone of our parish.

Resurrection is an ever-growing Eucharistic community boldly serving others through God's love


.Please visit their young adult website for more information on young adult events at Resurrection.

St. Francis is an ever-growing parish family firmly rooted in the Tradition of the Church, which is especially dedicated to the glory of God and the salvation of souls.


We have many opportunities to grow in the knowledge and practice of our faith.

St. John’s is Rochester’s oldest Catholic Church and is located in the heart of downtown across the street from the Mayo Clinic.

The parish is a diverse community that attracts many young families, young professionals, visitors, and different cultures.

The history of our parish is an ongoing story of challenge and growth with the dedication of many. Our parish community is a story of a people's faith in progress.

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