Adulting in Rochester

I moved to Rochester just over a year ago, in June 2015. I was a fresh college graduate, excited to start out adulthood in a community burgeoning with young professionals. I knew that friends would not just show up on my doorstep (although sometimes I wished they would!), and that I needed to become involved in different groups and events to meet people outside of work. Throughout college, I had grown in my faith through the vibrant, active Newman Center at the University of Pittsburgh and the missionaries placed there through the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). College was the first time my faith had truly become my own through bible studies, perpetual adoration, discipl

Bro, do you even lift…HIS NAME ON HIGH!?

Dumbbell lunges? More like weighted genuflects, am I right? –AJH I blame my dad for my sense of humor—the kind of humor only dads can provide. Yes, I blame my dad for my sense of humor, but I blame my mom for my fervent Catholicism. To be more precise, I blame my mom’s bladder for my fervent Catholicism. A few weeks prior to my moving to Rochester, my mom and I came down to search for apartments and finish some pre-employment mumbo-jumbo. Right when we got here, my mom had to pee—badly. So we stopped at St. John’s, figuring a church would have a bathroom, right? But then “Ethan, come in and get a bulletin with me” turned into “Hi, my son is new in town, and he’s looking for a way to get invo